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rainjoyswriting's Journal

Rainjoy's writings
18 March 1985
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This is entirely a journal for fanfic so who I am is irrelevant (who I am is rainjoyous, actually). Enjoy the fic, though, hopefully =)

Policy on friending: the friends list on this journal got way out of my control a long time ago and I've pretty much given up on any kind of keeping track of it at this point ^^; I have no objections to friendings but I can't promise to ever be organised enough to friend back, sorry.

Please take ratings in this journal seriously; if it says it's for adults then it probably means more than just smut, I try to write for grown-ups, serious adult shit might come up. Also I swear a lot. I don't reply to comments left anonymously with no name attached unless there's an obvious *reason* why the commenter wanted that said in private; I'll always respect the privacy of people who want to discuss something serious without the whole internet gawping at them, but if someone just couldn't be bothered to leave a name I just find that kind of rude, it's really uncomfortable to have a conversation with someone who knows you when you don't know them, basically. Otherwise I do try to reply to comments, I really do. Eventually ^^;