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09 August 2013 @ 09:55 pm
No! Wait! FOURFOLD admin!!

Disclaimer: I am writing this on the second glass of wine.

Right, so, let us be numerical and organised and shit:

1. Draxie drabbled! I genuinely love Draxie drabbles, they make my day, all the metafandom stuff does; it's nice to know I'm not the only one who spends some portion of her day thinking about superboyfriends ^^ Thank you, honey, it's really cute <3

2. AtOG is being translated into Russian by people more talented at languages than I! (I can do you ancient Greek if you give me a dictionary and grammar and a lot of time, I am otherwise linguistically pathetically monoglot -_-) And they have a cover (the full cover is bloody impressive) and basically, just, oh my god, wow *_* I look forward to all developments on multilingual superboyfriends because then I get to pretend I can read other languages by working through sentences I remember exactly in English? ;)

3. A very important bit of admin (link snagged through fuckyeahthephalanx because otherwise I'd have to go wading through tumblr to find it and it is like watching your grandma on a Playstation, it is not funny -_-) behold, *paper*!! Okay so I work in a library, my first Saturday job as a teenager was in a library, I was a senior bookseller in a bookshop for a few years, I might as well get a *tattoo* of 'I heart books' and I find the idea of this just lovely in every respect: you can now own AtOG in paperback! FOR CHARITY! And *not* bork your eyes reading the fucking endlessly long thing on a computer screen anymore! Also there are loads of other fanfics on there (The Muse is *fucking* good, all props to Cimmerians for that) so you can basically go on a mad smut-buying spree FOR CHARITY. Which I reckon is about the best idea ever <3
[I literally just went on the website, forgive me I'm crap, holy shit there's all sorts on there! I ACTUALLY FORGOT I told them they could take Fix as well, and it looks like there's plans for Unscripted too? I literally have no idea how long that 'verse is and whether it'd *fit* in a book. So, uh, yeah, fic! All The Fic by All The Writers! Go nuts, it's for a good cause! <3]

4. Is a gloomy one, sorry guys, writing did not happen this week. Unless I get the time for a *mad* writing sesh this Sunday, no update this weekend =/ I usually do try to time them around the weekends because it's the only 'free' time *I* get (read: I *should* be writing my thesis) but instead it's liable to be a ninja update at some random point next week. Something to look forward to? ^^; (It would be a lot easier to write boys in capes if boys in nineteenth century British naval uniforms hadn't taken over my brain, WHY, fucksake I have the weirdest and most specific kinks on the planet . . .) Sorry about that, I drop a cliffhanger-bomb then I'm hopeless, oops? <3
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One More For the Shelf, unscripted weekend-related fluff-short, because I need to balance the bad days out with so many more nights like these.

Disclaimer: I'm currently trying to work out if I can afford a haircut. The odds of my owning a series like Glee! are vanishingly slim.
Rating: R because of irresponsibility, basically. Kids! Excessive drinking is bad for you. Fun, though.

Summary: In which Blaine loves tequila and perky pop music, Amita would love basic sanitary standards in bar bathrooms, Santana and Dawn love trouble and Kurt mostly loves Blaine <3

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The Mariner's Revenge (NOT EVEN SORRY) from the Unscriptedverse. Fluff-short because I need this kind of crap right now. I know I haven't replied to comments yet, sorry, I sort of freeze up when I start trying. Sorry. Soon <3

Disclaimer: Not mine, it's just that my imagination can only be restrained by the sort of methods that would kick said imagination into filthy overdrive.
Rating: Um, R.

Summary: In which Time Out ruins Blaine's life.

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Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover from the Unscriptedverse (and no it is not a break-up fic; they already put all the effort into breaking up they'll ever bother with in this universe.)

Disclaimer: Not mine. Fanficcer. ffs.
Rating: NC-17, but only briefly.

Spoilers: The vaguest of them for Big Brother, otherwise we're pretty much AU by the end of season two anyway, so.

Summary: One front door, and fifty different ways to walk through it.

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01 April 2012 @ 05:36 pm
Back on the cruddy internet connection for a couple of weeks, you would not *believe* the fight to get this posted. I know there's comments not replied to yet either, sorry, guys, even checking my emails is a mission right now. Have some weekend Unscripted fluff to make up for it? (Sorry ^^;)

Tread Softly, Glee!fic, Unscriptedverse, suddenly invaded by children. Halp.
Disclaimer: However far on from canon we travel, it never will be mine.
Rating: PG-13 because I actually noticed that I swore, mostly because it was Kurt and Kurt never really swears. Tequila. *shrugs*
Spoilers: Very vaguely sort of for the next episode, if you've actually lived under a rock for the last few months and don't even know its title yet.

Summary: (Once again pushing the boundaries of paper-thin plot, an Unscriptedverse piece in which nothing actually happens! Shock! Kurt and Blaine have a conversation over coffee! Gasp! Blaine spends some time staring at the ceiling! omg!) Saturdays off work are great, but Blaine's been missing Kurt.

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I'll Ne'er Trust Medicine, an Unscriptedverse ending to the little trilogy of Symptoms and Cough Once For Yes. Fluffy sickfic. Which took a little detour from the fluff in this piece when I remembered Oh yeah Kurt's doing King Lear while all this is going on. *shudders*

Disclaimer: It would actually belong to the creators of Glee and William Shakespeare, two parties not often referred to in the same sentence.

Rating: PG-13? Gentler than Lear definitely, but then they make horror movies gentler than Lear.

Summary: In which Kurt's fever waking-dreams are really not so nice as Blaine's (Seriously, have you *read* King Lear?), but when Blaine Anderson plays doctor, he plays to win.

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25 February 2012 @ 03:42 pm
The Littlest Vows, an Unscripted!verse fluff-short because this fandom really needs something untraumatic right now. I promise I will reply to comments soon! I'm just hungover and have the debris of a week's ridiculous pre-exam Greek-ing to clear up from my disaster of a bedroom, but I will get back to you soon, promise!

Disclaimer: Aten't mine, even though I have now decorated their flat and populated their building ^^;

Rating: G! <3

Warnings: Features A Spider. It ends happily for everyone including the spider, I promise.

Summary: I don't know why it became my headcanon that Unscripted!Blaine is scared of spiders. But Kurt is a very, very good husband to him <3

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06 February 2012 @ 09:02 pm
July, July!, an I'm-so-sorry-I-haven't-replied-to-comments-yet-sorry-sorry-;_; Unscripted short. My life is currently *barely* visible underneath a giant pile of work, two essays due, PhD applications and an upcoming Ancient Greek exam. So clearly this is the best use of my time. You know what, for my own sanity it so is ^^;

Disclaimer: Not mine, not even close.

Rating: I aimed for PG-13 and ended up more of an R. Fucksake Kurt eats a Popsicle, what am I meant to do about that?

Summary: No air con, no problem.

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05 January 2012 @ 04:18 pm
I swear to god fanfic is not worth the stress it causes me. Off to have a migraine, brb. Thank you to the people who noticed that the previous posting cut off really suddenly, not that it wasn't easy to notice ;)

Rosemary, an Unscripted!verse piece that took far too long to write =P

Disclaimer: Aten't mine. Apart from the buttlot of OCs.
Rating: NC-17 (. . . though they do have a conversation throughout the length of the act. Boys ^^;)

Spoilers: For Hamlet. Yup.

Summary: "This is why Santana thinks we're boring. We spend our nights actually sleeping and our days thinking about our jobs."

"We also have really awesome sex."

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12 December 2011 @ 09:29 pm
Cough Once For Yes, a follow-up to Symptoms from the Unscripted universe, because it's the end of a long term and the angst I didn't particularly want to write in the first place is sort of wrecking me right now and I NEED A BREAK oh god. I will reply to comments when feeling, yeah, less *battered* ^^;

Disclaimer: Not mine! Well, apart from the handful of OCs, and we all know no-one reads fic for *those* ;)
Rating: PG-13? There's swearing (I can't not, you know this by now) but it's fairly innocent, all things considered.

Summary: Sweet Jesus I needed the fluff so bad. Kurt is just sort of always there, hovering around Blaine through his odd feverish dreams.

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