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25 October 2012 @ 06:50 pm
Very drowsy overworked admin, sorry for late responses guys, hope I'll have some time this weekend to get back to you? Just really need to do some flagging up for people who have done lovely things in the name of fic =) Then, um, bed. Ahem ^^;

First let's take care of the non-superhero related thing, for once ;) Puppyverse fanart by atthefootofthishill ^^ One of those accidental findings, I had no idea, but it's lovely, honey. And a nice reminder that once upon a time I did indeed write stuff that did not involve boys in capes, and may yet do so again ;) Thank you <3

Alright, so, in superhero!AU news, I almost do not know where to start. Bear with me, *do* kick me if there's anything I've forgotten or don't know about, you guys have been really busy ^^; So!

One, Draxie (she lives!) keeps writing adorable little drabbles <3 Masked blogger, I will not unmask you for you have superheroic work to be doing and hell we did all take that pledge ;) But thank you, because they're lovely <3

And thanks to fuckyeahtheghost there's even more fluff I mean you guys I can't even they make like the cutest superheroes in the world ;_; Thank you whitesheepcbd! It's adorable, made a gloomy afternoon very much brighter ^^

phalalalalanx (another MASKED BLOGGER, they proliferate!) made a comic strip of their first cup of coffee, bless them, back in the even angstier old days. I love the linework, you really get a sense of how *tired* Kurt feels in it. Thank you, anonyhoney, you've been super-generous with the art, thank you <3

Last but by no means least, and another MASKED BLOGGER (you guys are like, your own superhero team ^^), phanghost wrote Triptych, the meta-headache of a fic from last chapter <3 I can't even, honey, thank you. (Twisted in broken glass. Snaps off walls, off floors. - it does read as Waves-like but wicked harsher, not the soft sea but that crunched glass imagery, lovely <3)

I am insanely tired and fending off another migraine and all set for an early night. So, I hope everyone is well, and sorry replies are taking so long =( Hopefully I'll be with you this weekend, while 'working'. Ahem. Until then, take care, and thank you *everyone* who has been involved in this collective insanity, it is very, very nice working with you ;)

[edit: Ah! See, I've already found another one: yourebrilliant in her fuckyeahtheghost persona has supplied holiday fic =) Which is actually where we're approaching in fic chronology, I am writing Christmas Eve in October, woo? Thank you for the fluff, honey! And my word, you guys have been busy o_0]
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01 September 2012 @ 10:32 am
Happy Saturday, guys. (My morning has been coffee and eggs on toast, and Doctor Who music remixes. Excellent start to a weekend.)

So! I have admin, yay ^^ First up, ravelqueen keeps on doing awesome things I never would get around to because of the laziness, the no-you-can't-make-me and the I-want-to-be-writing-it-not-*organising*-it: you can now get the full puppyverse, or Big Moon Rising to give it its grown-up name but let's face it it is basically about puppies (EVERYTHING I WRITE IS), in ePub and PDF format, *thank* you so much honey ^^

Meanwhile in superhero!AU news, yourebrilliant keeps the fic coming on fuckyeahtheghost, and I particularly love the latest two pieces (Followers and Hudson, because a) flirty fluff and b) Hudmel time always makes me happy ^^), and LOOK WHAT THEPLAYLISTISMAGIC DID =D I cannot even, you have been so amazing with the fanart, I feel like I should be paying you ;_; Both of you, thank you, you're really keeping me driven on a project which is very big and which I could have easily become very weary and frustrated with by now, thank you for the awesome <3

Off to a beer festival in a tick, just playing around with an AtOG playlist but lol it's all Florence and the Machine (well, and some Regina Spektor). See you guys the other side, have a good weekend <3
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28 August 2012 @ 01:33 pm
Why am I here! Because I'm waiting for an email from a supervisor before I can really move on with work, of course <3 So before I do another job hunt and read a book on the philosophy of gardens with these brief hours gifted to me . . .

Puppyverse!fanart - by kcpkaptivating over on tumblr, who managed to find the only icky part of the entire fluff-bowl of a fic to fanart ;) Warnings for violence, but still, PUPPIES that is all that ever really matters, thank you honey ^^

And meanwhile, fuckyeahtheghost has been busy meta'ing the hell out of AToG - theplaylistismagic made gorgeous costume concept art, and yourebrilliant has been keeping up with fluffy fanfic, and it is absolutely 'canon' at this point that no-one really knows what to *call* superhero!Blaine or what his costume will be like, so, it bends my head a little bit because that could be fic and art *in the story*, which. Meta!headache. But I LOVE it. Thank you so much guys, utterly magical, eeee <3 (also Blaine's costume there I like more than the one he'll end up in, but that's his fault for leaving costume design to Kurt . . .)

Wonder if I can catch up with comments before The World at One finishes and I officially have to go back to work. Let's see . . .
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10 August 2012 @ 07:50 pm
Big Moon Rising part VII, the end <3 Puppyverse!

Disclaimer: Not canon-compliant because canon isn't mine.
Rating: R, for violence, S2-related creepiness and nudity, if one does need to up the rating for written nudity?

Summary: Alpha, beta, omega.

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15 July 2012 @ 08:30 pm
Big Moon Rising part VI of VII, puppyverse. Because I wrote 17,000 words of superhero fic in two days and now I feel nauseous from it. Please encourage me to finish *this* before I get further embroiled in capes and secret identities and whatnot? ^^;

Disclaimer: Give it to me for like, two days, see what I do to it, oh my god, if it were mine I would fix *so much* <3 (I can't write snappy dialogue the way they do when they get it right, but at least I have some concept of how a character arc *works* =P)
Rating: R, and we won't be getting higher than an R. It will become apparent why in this chapter, ahem.

Summary: Not even the only pack in the world.

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01 July 2012 @ 01:14 pm
Big Moon Rising part V of VII (fairly certain I can pull this off in seven parts. *fingers crossed*) Puppyverse!

Disclaimer: Aten't mine. (Penniless postgrad currently job hunting: will philosophise for food?)
Rating: R, and it finally became apparent to me in this part that we won't get beyond an R in this one. Apologies to those only reading for the smut! Maybe next time ;)

Summary: The mean between the boy and wolf.

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20 June 2012 @ 09:46 am
Because I am really hungover and also omg

ileliberte made a gorgeous gorgeous puppyverse pic of Burt with wolfcub!Kurt, which pretty much gave me all the squees, all of them. Thank you!! Baby puppies oh my god I just I go to pieces I want to hug all of them Burt let me hold him please? (Burt Hummel gets Father of the Year award like, every year. You're kind of a handful, I love you, you're gay, I love you, you turn into a wolf sometimes, I love you. It's like he represents the world we *ought* to have, where none of that is actually a *thing*. Apart from maybe people always would be a bit weirded out by the wolf part. Which is why Burt is Superdad I guess ^^;)

In other puppyverse news, came across this and okay that's a husky and the colouring is all wrong but look at his *soul*. Hi Blaine!

Final important update! ravelqueen continues going above and beyond and you can now get an updated and currently complete set of complete (not the WIPs) Glee fic what I wrote here <3 Thank yoooouuuuu. Because I would never have the time/energy to do it myself, ahem, thank you!!

Off to wobble my way to the shower, in short graceless curves. Urgh red wine. Urgh *port*. Hope everyone is well, and I will try to reply to comments while I am still too 'guh' to do much else . . .
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13 June 2012 @ 07:10 pm
Big Moon Rising part IV of oh god probably like VII I'm mostly pulling this out of my arse as I go along. Puppyverse <3 Because I have been writing like a madwoman, which seems to be what I do as I approach important deadlines.

Disclaimer: They don't actually have tails and paws in the series. Alas.
Rating: R! As in, not for children. I don't write for kids, sorry, I just don't, all warnings from previous parts still apply.

Summary: "You really don't utilise your full potential, Porcelain."

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10 June 2012 @ 11:32 am
Big Moon Rising part III, hey up puppyverse.

Disclaimer: The stuff that would be different if I actually owned the series, my gods.
Rating: This part R?

Summary: Not the only wolf in the world.

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10 May 2012 @ 07:53 pm
Nice to know iTunes has a sense of humour, shuffling Howl on while I'm writing this ^^

Big Moon Rising part II, part I here. (In my head, this is already called PUPPYVERSE because ALL THE PUPPIES) (ALWAYS) (crazy dog lady) (yeah ignore me)
Disclaimer: Believe me, canon would look *very* different were it mine.
Rating: This part, probably PG-13, likely to get higher.

Summary: He thinks about a boy with laughing brown eyes, the clean smell of spice in his skin, a boy whose parents don't know because he doesn't believe that they would want to.

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