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10 October 2013 @ 08:58 pm
Grey part 28, AtOGverse, superhero!AU. There's admin I'll deal with if my brain will allow it, though I suspect neither that nor comments owed will happen tonight, sorry -_-

Disclaimer: I owe many comment replies. I own nothing.
Rating: R with wariness of subject matter; go careful.

Warnings: Part one carried a comprehensive list and all of them will always be relevant, I'm really sorry but this universe just isn't a *nice* one and bad shit will come up, please be wary of that. This part we have stuff relating back to earlier traumatic incidents in the weird-angled way this fic does, a very implied but I think we all know what's going on there minor character death, and it's also what I think of as the last depressing chapter of the fic; that means, woo, no more 'depressing' chapters, but also, sorry, this one is totally depressing yeah ^^; If you're really worn out for that crap right now, wait until the next one's posted? <3

Summary: He doesn't know any ghost stories that end 'happily ever after'.

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01 October 2013 @ 09:41 pm
Before Rainjoy actually falls asleep at her desk:

If you can read Russian, you can read AtOG! I don't like sharing real names without permission and I only know one of the LJ names of the translators (thank you zelenoye ^^), please let me know if you want credit honey because wow you've been busy, omg *_*

In other ficcish news, Draxie drabbled again =) Superboyfriends running a super-school, zomg.

Oh and also, it actually is a Phalanx mug ^^

Thank you everyone who goes above and beyond in the name of keeping the metafandom of a fanfic alive, it consistently amuses and just *delights* me, thank you ^^ And now I must bed because I have tutor training in the morning. They're actually giving me young minds to mould. Fuuuuuuuuuuck. On that catastrophic note, goodnight ;)
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01 October 2013 @ 09:20 pm
Grey part 27, AtOGverse, superhero!AU.

Disclaimer: I am handmaid to words, right hand to some strange muse; nothing is mine.
Rating: Hard R?

Warnings: All of those listed in part one live in a permanent state of could-always-return; obviously this chapter we have *last* chapter's fallout to deal with, I accept that it's a heavy place to be right now, I'm the one who has to write it -_- We start out the chapter in Kurt's head, given what we learned about what it's like in there last time, tread careful.

Summary: It wears you down, down, down.

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27 September 2013 @ 08:52 pm
While I wait for bloody iTunes to update because I want to listen to John Edwards, oh god my life is so hard etc.

So first of all thank you fuckyeahthephalanx for beating me to this because I did get sent it ages ago and it got buried under my inbox and I was hopeless, and it's *lovely*, Ghost fanart of a very beautiful nature <3 Thank you both very much to the artist for how *pretty* it is, and also to the person who sent me it (I can't remember who you are on LJ! I'm so sorry, I am fucking hopeless, let me know if you want crediting honey <3) because I am indeed the queen of being the last person to know about 'my' fanart ;)

Fuckyeahthephalanx has also been busy writing some very dark fanfic (do read the warnings) of a kind gloriously 'canonical' in terms of the fic's internal fandom; it is *exactly* the sort of thing they'd speculate, isn't it? It's perfect, honey, thank you, and thank you for my doggie <3 (A sequel with Phalanx in it in that universe would be fascinating, wouldn't it? she said innocently ;) )

(Just taking another moment to appreciate the doggie <3 )

On a lighter note, lol ;)

I will now reply to comments because iTunes is STILL UPDATING OH MY GOD. LET ME PLAY MY MUSIC GODDAMN YOU. Fuck it I'm going onto youtube. Be with at least some of you soon, hopefully, thank you for your patience <3
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25 September 2013 @ 10:19 pm
Legit so tired, had a dream that made me really angry last night which woke me early, and angry, wouldn't let me get back to sleep because, you know, *angry*, and then put me in a weird (angry) mood all day. Bascially, your subconscious is there for trolling you, and no other necessary purpose.

(On the other hand I watched this today and now I have tiffin, so really, life is not bad, not at all <3)

Anyway, admin! Because fuckyeathephalanx remains busy =) Magicalplaylist made a little dress-a-Blaine with a Phalanx option (aww <3 I used to love playing with those things when I was a kid. Then they invented the Sims and, well). Thank you honey ^^

Were there ever actually cosplay it would pretty much make my universe, just so you know <3 (I'm actually having an arse of a time sourcing two shades of very pale grey fabric just to make a plush, so if you can do *that*, mad props, seriously . . .).

And also, orphaned art! If anyone wants to claim it drop a line here or to fuckyeahthephalanx =) But it's brilliant, just so you know, masked artist; should I feel guilty if people break out of CGI graffiti and into the real thing? ;)

Thank you very much, everyone in phandom, because you amuse and delight me constantly ^^ And now bed because oh hell I have to deal with the institutional definition of art when I wake up tomorrow morning, don't even ask, it's a pain. Anyway. Hope you have fun days lined up, and be well <3
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25 September 2013 @ 09:35 pm
Grey part 26, AtOGverse, superhero!AU. I owe so many comment replies, I'm so sorry, but this weekend I doubt I'll have the chance to post though I *may* be back in the library with nothing to do but teaching prep or the internet, so you kind of know I'll be with you then, right? ^^; Sorry, guys. Life is going to be crazy for a *while*.

Disclaimer: Can you actually imagine what Glee would look like if I owned it? It would have loads of Gladys Knight covers and arguments about the ontology of art. It would not recognisably be Glee ^^;

Rating: I did set it as an R but actually I'm upping it for subject matter, rating porn higher than this is just fucked up; NC-17.

Warnings: Part one has a long list, and the sheer length of the list is the depressing part. Okay, this chapter though, seriously: this chapter and the next are . . . not nice (though lol there's at least one to come that I think'll be even *more* stressful ^^;). In utter seriousness, you know I always warn that every bad thing that's happened previously can always come up again? In this chapter *they do*. If you don't want to deal with fucking awful shit tonight I wouldn't. The world contains worse than just violence, the world tells us we *deserve* it (fuck that; we don't. No-one does.). I owe so many comment replies that I may also be bought out of some guilt if you don't read it yet anyway? ^^;

Summary: No sense, no feeling, no meaning anymore.

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18 September 2013 @ 09:53 pm
Admin before I go to bed, because there's another migraine brewing up there. But fuckyeahthephalanx has been busy <3

There's an eerie New York shot, looks like zomg the Pink Dagger is taking over the city, where are our intrepid heroes?? etc., but it's really a lovely shot, fog and electricity making something weird in a very old sense of the term. And also, oh my fucking god THIS - the Facemaker's ghostlanx looks! I *love* make-up and love playing with it (. . . on the most casual just-going-to-work day I wear, um, three different kinds of eyeliner. Bit of an addict. And I worship Mac because they make the colours I actually want to wear instead of a billion different 'neutrals' - my favourite of theirs is hard to pick, but 'Haunting', a limited edition pale turquoise, scores high . . . ;) ) and I *love* them. The bold and subtle of it. Thank you ^^

And: cute <3 Thank you anderwanker =)

And thank you all for keeping fandom a living and loving place. Sleep well, guys, keep warm <3
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18 September 2013 @ 07:44 pm
Grey part 25, AtOGverse, superhero!AU. Away again this weekend, so weird midweek update instead.

Disclaimer: I own actually nothing. I am scared to go look at my bank account.

Rating: I'm going to guess we settle in at an R.

Warnings: The main list is on part one. Specific to this chapter? Nothing that hasn't come up before but it does deal with some of the *worst* stuff that's come up before. Consent, and the shitty way some people approach that, violence, *stress*.

Summary: 'Hero' is a verb.

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13 September 2013 @ 07:38 pm
I might have time for replying to comments this weekend (thank you for them <3), I don't know, I'm going to be fighting a very shitty internet connection and in all likelihood a migraine this weekend, but I just really wanted to get this out because . . . this is not aimed at any individual, this post in itself is aimed at what's become an *epidemic* in the comments I'm getting on the fic recently, if I could make one small request please?

I'm aware that the characters, pretty much all of them, are being frustrating. I'm aware that the fic itself is being frustrating. I'm aware that that does need venting sometimes.

But can we please not talk about wanting to slap/shake/hit the characters quite so much? ^^; (Yes, even Sebastian . . .)

I know this is something people are saying mostly in a tone of frustration, not aggression. I know it's a 'figure of speech'. But the thing is, this is a figure of speech I'm coming across over and over and over in the comments, and I'm getting a whole new way of looking at it, and I'm beginning to feel the . . . well, the brutality of the language. 'I want to hit character x' said once is something you *do* just gloss over - it's 'just a figure of speech'. But here I'm sitting on this end reading it again and again and again . . .

I know I'm writing a superhero fic. I know violence is a fact of the world the characters inhabit. But I hope the fic does express that violence is never in itself a *good thing*. It's sometimes a necessary evil to protect people, when threatened; but when violence comes knocking in the fic it has serious consequences. It's not a good thing when anyone gets hurt. And nothing anyone does - literally nothing a person can do - warrants someone else physically punishing them for it.

And I know it's not meant aggressively, I know the characters in the fic sometimes express frustration in similar ways, I know *I* have a temper and I get annoyed sometimes; but reading the same words over and over really does bring it home to me that maybe we need new words, because I really *don't* want someone to hit the characters. I know they're being difficult. I know they're making bad choices. But I want them to be okay and to start loving themselves and each other properly and to *talk*, because talking is always better than violence.

So, just please, for my sake if nothing else - can we please stop talking about how much we could 'slap' someone for their actions, even if they are a fictional character? Because the characters can't defend themselves. We're the ones who have to do that for them. We're the ones who have to say, No, but they're dealing with this and this, it's really hard, they are *trying*. I mean, a big part of the point of the fic - the *reason* the POVs are so narrow and so incredibly *frustrating*? - is that you never do know what another person's really going through. So, it's probably best to be kind, because they might really need it right now.

Anyway. Just, something to think about, please? Just to rescue a very tired writer if nothing else ^^; And I have to pack to catch a train, so I hope you're all well, and life is being decent to you; take care guys, hopefully with you soon <3
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11 September 2013 @ 07:20 pm
So, Grey updated, for those of you reliant on notifications which LJ will just have totally borked <3

Draxie let me know that THIS existed!! And, oh my god, castlesbuiltintheair, it's *lovely*. Like. Wow *_* Thank you both, very much ^^

(And because fucking hell Syria, there are people trying to help and if you're feeling financially healthy this month, they could use some help too. Just if you want to and you can <3 Keep hatred from the mighty and the mighty from the small . . .)
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